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"Famous latershares" - just for fun

"Famous latershares" are no real-life examples, but "art" in the broadest sense.

From Science & Technology

So who was first?

A classic. The chicken-egg problem. Unfortunately, via latershare still unresolved. more

From Business & Money

Who should become the next boss?

The result of the three respondents speaks for itself, is unique and is nicely summarized in the statistics. But there remains a problem. who then?

From Interpersonal & Society

The 'threesome'-Movie Dilemma: Who do you love?

The love triangle in the 1994er film, in a nutshell. 1,2,3...

Do we want the baby?

A critical question that has already been a hard nut to crack for some couples, churches, and the '68 generation. oh-oh, let's see

So what's your problem?

Psycho mystery hour. Who says the truth now? A vs. B

From History & Politics

I witnessed who shot John F. Kennedy, it was ...

An ongoing latershare, we are eagerly waiting... I want to know

Do we continue the ceasefire agreement?

Dear nations, instead of throwing the first stone, just set up a latershare request. But please also reply. Give peace a chance. jitter...

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