The flow of a latershare process. And other basics. Here on this page.

latershare also means: Allow extra time.

Remove influence, predestination and bias.

Get better results.

Asynchronous input. Synchronous output.

One-to-one, one-to-many up to many-to-many communication

Still use e-mail for that? Yikes!

Still use meetings for that? Double Yikes!

The five steps of a latershare

The latershare Concept

Add time. Get better results.

At latershare everyone can get access to a round of feedback - without registration, at any time. It only takes a minute. The replies of the users are put into closed envelopes on the server.

The contents will only be visible when
a) all users have posted or
b) a time limit is reached.

They will only be shared with a defined user group. The communication service provided by solves many problems (e.g. influence, originality, time needed for organisation) in a new way and allows an abundance of possibilities for use (e.g. voting, valuing, pitches...).

The opening of the envelopes becomes an exciting moment. The mode of presentation comes in various forms to suit the contents. If possible, the answers will be automatically compiled into a statistic.

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