Advantages of latershare compared to other types of communications

Comparison of communication models

Which problem is solved better by latershare?


latershare can be used without registration in less than a minute. Simply input the title of the latershare and the list of participants. Choose the type of publication, the form of invitation, and, if applicable, further options. Just like that a feedback session is started.

Time Efficiency

Participants can answer simultaneously. There is minimal investment in the organisation. The results are automatically presented when all participants have responded or when a defined time is reached. And when the replies allow it, a statistic is aggregated automatically from the feedback.

Cost Savings

No more need for papers and envelopes. No postage costs or need for all participants to be in the same location or teleconference. There is less work time needed and participants are not interrupted from their other tasks. It’s just more efficient.

No Influencing

In certain situations (e.g. brainstorming), it is good to work off of the ideas of others. In other situations, it can be disruptive and detrimental to the overall outcome. With latershare, the replies of others are hidden in virtual envelopes. The first person to respond does not influence the opinions of others by heading them in a certain direction. This leads to more, various, and better results.

Securing Originality

Each participant gives his or her own feedback. No one’s feedback gets valued as less simply because it is a repetition of other feedback that was given by another person at an earlier time. No one can hang their reply onto someone else’s. latershare ensures that each reply is original.


The results are made available to all participants at the same time. E-mails are sent out with links to the result page. This way, all feedback is available in a fair way. It’s not necessary to be physically present (such as at the meeting or in that geographical location). There is no water cooler gossip advantage. Even the initiator of the feedback session does not see the result in advance.

Presentation of Results

The moment when the envelopes are opened and the result is presented is designed to provide an enjoyable user experience. latershare result stages are clear and attractive. They deliver the meaning better than ordinary lists or simpler text. latershare is designed to offer flexible presentation of results according to the type and length of feedback replies. For meeting settings, latershare stages look attractive via projector and tablet.

Written Form

Feedback through a latershare request is gathered in written form (enhanced with uploads of pictures and data). Therefore, it is more precise, more solidified, traceable, and more easily usable in the future (such as through printing or copy & paste) than spoken feedback, such as what is given in meetings and teleconferences.

International Use

Text is saved in unicode format, times in UTC format. Times are converted into the local time zone, should the participants be in different time zones.

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